3 Days of Excellence

My wife and I attended a 3 day coaching course. From arriving on Sunday afternoon the day before our course began to the Wednesday evening when we left we had an amazing time.

3 half day beginner course

I did this course in May this year as a complete beginner. I also wanted to do a course rather than learn from friends as I know golf is not easy and wanted to start off the right way (nor fall out with them!). From never having hit a golf ball before at 8am on my first day by 2pm I was playing the short 9 holes course. Amazing! I chose the 3 half day course because I had limited time but also I liked the idea of being able to practice in the afternoons between lessons, never thinking that this practice would turn out to be actually on the golf course. This was not compulsory but the excellent instructor, encouraged us to do so. At the end of the 3 days I was thoroughly taken with the game and knew I would continue.

Professional and Friendly Experience

On deciding that I needed find ways of improving my golf, I chose to go for intensive lessons. The choice was good and i opted for three half days including overnight accommodation. This was incredible. The group was small, four pupils to the coach, meaning that i was given a good balance of one on one coaching and practice time. Overall I was delighted with the whole experience and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone. Superb !!

3 Day Advanced Golf School

I signed up for the intermediate course at the last minute and was bumped to the advanced level . Our coach managed this well and my skills were close to others. The mix of video , range and on course skills worked well with the coach asking us all what we wanted to focus on. I felt he did a great job of fixing basics in my swing before moving onto the driver (my challenge) on Day 2. On Day 3 we played the back 9 holes with Tom and 3 of us which was useful. For me the best parts were the video analysis , putting , use of a 7 off the green and almost fixing my driver – well worth going.

Great Golf residential course

We booked the weekend 2 full day intermediate course, and had a great experience. We were 24 handicappers and I am sure that this will take our handicap down below 20 over the coming months – just what we set as the objective.

Perfect way to improve your golf!

I booked on the 3 half day intermediate school – good tuition from the staff who made you feel relaxed whilst giving excellent pointers to what you needed to work on. Was great to be filmed so you could see where to correct your swing. Afternoons could be spent playing the 2 courses (18 or 9 hole) which we did. Had a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days and would definitely recommend and come back in the future.

3 Day Beginner Course

Our pro golfer was excellent! I went to the school as a beginner and came away with the confidence to play on a par 3 9 hole golf course.

3 1/2 day beginner

I would heartily recommend this course. Fantastic coaching from our pro who taught with patience and a great sense of humour. Being able to instill confidence in an absolute beginner is a great skill – thank you!

Professional and Friendly

This was a great experience. The coach, was excellent. With the small group, we covered everything but at the pace that suited each of us. Overall very good value for money and definitely recommend it.

Excellent golf experience!

My wife and I had lessons previously in Marbella but felt we needed something a little more “intensive”. The residential school seemed like the best option. From beginning to end it was an excellent experience! We chose the 3 half-day beginners as neither of us have established handicaps. Our instructor was a delight and very good with keeping the instruction focused on a few important factors rather than trying to re-engineer the entire game. I can’t thank him enough! Closing the third day, we played 4 holes on the par 3 course with our coach helping with club selection and course management.